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Saracens car park
3rd May 2021

Update: The purchase of the car park (and associated loan application) is not now going ahead. This is from the minutes of 9th November 2020: 

Car park purchase – The RICS valuation came in at £120,000. Shopshire Council are still willing to provide £100K, so the loan would be for £20,000. The formal offer at the lower price* has been submitted to the vendor who has turned it down. The vendor being present at this meeting, a discussion took place of various ways forward. ACTION: The vendor is going to seek a second valuation (possibly via District Valuer Services) and report back.

*The original discussions with the vendor were based on an estimated verbal valuation, but the Parish Council's current offer is based on the RICS 'red book' valuation. The Parish Council's funding is from Council Tax and so every effort must be taken to ensure that purchases are made with due care. 

The vendor has not provided a second valuation. 


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