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Hadnall Parish Council is seeking to purchase the plot of land formerly known as Saracens car park.

The land would then be owned by the Parish Council on behalf of the whole community. The Council’s view is that this is a key piece of land at the centre of the village that could be available for use as public amenity space over future years, rather than being used in the short to medium term for further housing development. The purchase price is £150,000. The Parish Council has recently been successful in securing external funding of £100,000. To complete the purchase the PC is proposing to borrow the sum of £50,000 over a 30-year period. It is not uncommon for public bodies such as parish councils to borrow against clearly defined capital projects or for the purchase of assets such as this. A specialist lending facility called the Public Works Loan Board is set up specifically for this purpose.

The Parish Council is keen to consult with as many local residents as possible on this proposal. To take part in the survey, please click on the following link:

If you know of anyone who would like a postal version of the survey, please contact the Clerk. 



We know there has been some excitement about the Government's announcement that outdoor play areas can be reopened. However, the guidance comes with a long list of safety measures that the owner/manager of the play area must be able to meet. In Hadnall's case, that's the Parish Council.

At the moment, the new play equipment has yet to be safety tested and handed over to the Parish Council - so they cannot open it because it's not legally theirs or officially safe to use. Once this handover is complete, the Parish Council will appraise the situation and consider whether they can safely reopen the play area. They will consider government guidance, the view of their insurer, and a full risk assessment. They will also consider the benefits to the village of reopening.

We are aware how desperately young families have been looking forward to using this facility. We will do everything we can to make that possible while keeping residents of Hadnall safe. Thank you for being patient.


For the latest government advice and information please visit 

To complete the COVID19 health, care and wellbeing survey for Shropshire please visit


The Parish Council is a consultee in the planning application process, not a decision maker.

When a planning application is submitted to Shropshire Council, they ask for the Parish Council's comments and give a deadline by which to submit them. The Parish Council's Planning Committee then considers the application carefully and applies the "material planning considerations" that are set out in the National Planning Policy Framework. Any opinions from the occupants of neighbouring properties are also considered. The final comments are sent in to Shropshire Council but they alone make the decision on whether or not to grant permission for an application, not the Parish Council.

The Parish Council is impartial at all times and never applies personal views or opinions in the decision to either support or object to any application.