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RAF Shawbury has now received new stock of hi viz kit, in support of the Be Seen, Be Safer horse rider safety campaign. RAF Shawbury launched its Be Seen, Be Safer horse rider awareness campaign, in association with The British Horse Society in April 2015.  So far, the base has distributed a huge amount of free high visibility clothing to riders within Low Flying Area 9, which includes Shropshire and the borders of adjacent counties.

The aim of the campaign is to promote the wearing of high visibility clothing by riders so that they are more visible and can therefore be seen earlier by our helicopter aircrew. In addition, helicopter aircrew, based at RAF Shawbury, are trained to spot riders earlier and then take action to minimise disturbance whenever possible. 

If you would like a free set of hi viz (tabard, hatband and quarter -sheet) please visit their website: Flying Info | RAF Shawbury | Royal Air Force (



Following the May elections, we were pleased to welcome two new parish councillors to Hadnall - Andrew Marston and Sarah Parker. We also said goodbye to Councillors Arthur Amos, Barrie Davies and Jim Slater, who did not stand for re-election. The Parish Council is very grateful to them for the time and energy that they have devoted to the village. Cllr Slater served as Chairman for the last few years and was forced to extend his service in that role when COVID-19 hit. His Chairman's report, which covers the last two years (because we were unable to hold an annual meeting in 2020) can be found on the Home page.  

The eighth seat on the Parish Council was filled by co-option at our June meeting, and we are pleased to welcome Harmesh Jassel as a Councillor. 

To see councillors' declarations of interest, please click here



Starting with our annual meeting on 17th May, the Parish Council will resume meetings in the Village Hall. COVID-prevention guidelines will be in place and we ask all members of the public to follow them please. A Risk Assessment can be found in the files on this page. 



Are you aged 7-16 and living in (or close to) Hadnall? If you would like to play a part in planning new recreation facilities, please get in touch.



Update: The purchase of the car park (and associated loan application) is not now going ahead. This is from the minutes of 9th November 2020: 

Car park purchase – The RICS valuation came in at £120,000. Shopshire Council are still willing to provide £100K, so the loan would be for £20,000. The formal offer at the lower price* has been submitted to the vendor who has turned it down. The vendor being present at this meeting, a discussion took place of various ways forward. ACTION: The vendor is going to seek a second valuation (possibly via District Valuer Services) and report back.

*The original discussions with the vendor were based on an estimated verbal valuation, but the Parish Council's current offer is based on the RICS 'red book' valuation. The Parish Council's funding is from Council Tax and so every effort must be taken to ensure that purchases are made with due care. 

The vendor has not provided a second valuation. 



Attached in the files on this page is a document showing a summary of data from our two vehicle-activated speed signs in the village. The data shows that the number of vehicles exceeding the 30mph speed limit were as follows:

Camera to north of village centre         Apr 2020 to June 2020 = 2220 vehicles (0.52%)          Nov 2020 - Jan 2021 = 867 vehicles (0.2%) 

Camera to south of village centre        Apr 2020 to June 2020 = 1567 vehicles (0.37%)          Nov 2020 - Jan 2021 = 1177 vehicles (0.28%)

Data from West Mercia Police is as follows:

Period from June to October 2020   28 hours of enforcement activity   66 offences

Data monitoring and enforcement will continue, especially once lockdown restrictions are lifted. 



The Parish Council is a consultee in the planning application process, not a decision maker.

When a planning application is submitted to Shropshire Council, they ask for the Parish Council's comments and give a deadline by which to submit them. The Parish Council's Planning Committee then considers the application carefully and applies the "material planning considerations" that are set out in the National Planning Policy Framework. Any opinions from the occupants of neighbouring properties are also considered. The final comments are sent in to Shropshire Council but they alone make the decision on whether or not to grant permission for an application, not the Parish Council.

The Parish Council is impartial at all times and never applies personal views or opinions in the decision to either support or object to any application.

You can find details of all current and previous planning applications here.